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NIKKON S419 NIKKON S419 street lantern has an elegant design and is suitable for illuminating urban roads and highways, thanks to its high efficiency optical compartment design that consists of deep drawn high purity anodized Aluminium reflector that produces a superior photometric performance.
NIKKON Floodlights NIKKON's innovative and symmetrical floodlight are suitable for general and specific lighting applications. The high pressure Aluminium die-cast housing coated with epoxy powder provides superb weather resistance for outdoor usage.    
Electronic Genset QPS Electronic GenSet is a battery based power generator. This module acts as a portable power source unit and therefore it can supply power to anywhere and at anytime. QPS Electronic GenSet provides immediate electrical power to critical loads during unpredictable down time.
Power inverters Power inverters produce one of three types of power wave signals. Each signal represents a quality of power output. The first set of inverters made which are now obsolete produced a Square Wave signal. Square Wave signals produced power that was not reliable or consistent.

About Sincere Electrical Sales & Services


Sincere Electrical Sales & Services is an indigenous Kenyan business entity registered in 1995 for the purpose of sale of electrical goods and accessories and to undertake electrical contracts.

On inception, Sincere Electrical Sales & Services aimed to provide cost effective services and high quality electrical materials. To date, we still hold on to that objective and ensure that we provide our clients and customers with genuine products from reputable manufacturers.

We specialize in the supply of all types of electrical materials and services. With our skills and experience acquired over many years, we also give free advice to our clients and customers on diverse issues ranging from quality inspection of electrical materials to safety standards at home and in the workplace.

Over the years, our clients and customers have increased in quality and geographical dispersion. As a result we plan to open branches in major towns in Kenya in order to cater for their demands and bring electrical products within their reach. As we do that, we plan to keep true to our original business objectives of putting the customer first, and providing quality materials at the most competitive prices.


We deal in all domestic and industrial electrical goods and accessories such as:

  • Switch Gears
  • Control Panel
  • Starters
  • MCB
  • MCCB
  • Electrical Fittings
  • Cooker Elements
  • etc

Services Provided

The services provided include:

  • Domestic and Industrial wiring
  • Control Panels
  • Power factor Control
  • Commissioning of Industrial and Domestic wiring
  • etc


Kihoto Hse, Cross Lane, Nairobi
Tel: +254-20 2241970, Mob: +254-717 743428 Telkom Wireless: +254-20 2943114
Fax: +254-20 2249836

Tel: +254-20 2241970, Mob: +254-717 743428 Telkom Wireless: +254-20 2943114 Fax: +254-20 2249836